Group Name: Alpha House Inc.

Description: Alpha House is an addiction recovery community addressing the needs of men of ages 18 and upwards. The residents of Alpha House support their recovery through the 12 step recovery program. While the 12 steps were originally a program of recovery fostered by Alcoholics Anonymous, they have been applied successfully to every form of addiction.

Like most 12-step programs, recovery is often found in the form of one alcoholic or addict helping another. In this sense, each resident of Alpha House benefits from the other and, in community, they help one another find a path to sobriety.

The Alpha House program offers a unique blend of guidance and support in areas of the greatest concern to their clients. These include upgrading of one’s education, job searching, life skills, one-on-one counselling, and living within a community and meeting one’s obligations to it. Their facility is staffed 24-hours a day by trained counselors and specialists. The staff facilitates regular meetings and groups through the week.

Alpha House also offers ongoing aftercare for all residents and previous residents. Their doors are always open to past residents in crisis. Alpha House goes beyond 12-step recovery by aiding its residents in fundamental living skills. The nature of the Alpha House Community inherently build skills in how to live in harmony with others, how to shoulder and meet one’s responsibilities, and how to maintain a discipline of recovery in the face of life’s ups and downs.

Where: 647 Broadview Avenue | Toronto ON M4K 2N9

When: Life Skills Group, General Addictions Group (2 mornings a week), Evening meetings (3 nights a week) – Call for more information.

Contact: 416-469-1700 | |

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