Group Name: Central Neighbourhood House – Stroke Survivors Club

Description: Central Neighbourhood House is a settlement house in Toronto. For the past 100 years, their team of staff and volunteers has been working hand in hand with their neighbours, offering a wide range of excellent programs for children and youth, new Canadians, families, women and seniors. They offer a family support program, childcare services, children & youth programs, women’s club, stroke survivors club, in-home services, vulnerable seniors program, community development, street survivors program, and a supportive housing initiative. < Our Stroke Survivors Club, a social/recreational/respite program for stroke survivors and their caregivers, celebrated its silver anniversary in 2008. We place an emphasis on providing an intellectually stimulating environment for stroke survivors. While we recognize that suffering a stroke is a major trauma to the individual and his or her family, we focus on possibility. Through group discussions and quizzes adapted from board games and TV game shows, participants sharpen their minds and regain a sense of accomplishment. Our exercise program has been created specifically to capitalize on the ability—not the disability--of stroke survivors. Because we place such an emphasis on creating a sense of community and membership, participants don’t stay for a few months, they stay for years. Where: 349 Ontario Street | Toronto, ON M5A 2V8

When: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (9:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m.) Cost: $10.00 (covers the cost of a three-course lunch and refreshments.)

Contact: Robert Butler 416-925-4363 Ext. 119 | | |

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