Group Name: Centre for Spanish Speaking Peoples – Women’s Program

Description: The Centre for Spanish-Speaking Peoples is a non-profit, charitable organization serving new immigrants from 20 Spanish-speaking countries as well as members of other communities. The Centre has a long and complex history. It was founded in 1973 under the leadership of director Gloria Montero, sociologist Ana Alberro, and immigration counselor Rempel Kathi. They and others were the first members of a corporation called “The Centre for Spanish Speaking Peoples,” whose main objective was to provide services for immigrants and workers from Spanish-speaking countries and support community activities.

The women’s Program undertakes continuous work on the issues of violence against women. They support women who experience abuse in their relationships, creating awareness on the topic. The program acknowledges that violence against women is a crucial and hidden transgression of human rights, which affects women of all ages, social classes and cultures.

Where: 2141 Jane Street, Second Floor | Toronto, ON M3M 1A2

When: Support meetings are held once a week over a 10-week period for Spanish-speaking women. For information on the location of the meetings, please call.

Contact: 416-533-8545 | |

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