Group Name: Friends and Advocates Centre – Pathways to Recovery

Description: Friends and Advocates provides an opportunity for friendship to those recovering from mental illness or emotional distress; arranges social and recreational activities in the community to improve socialization and communication skills; holds interesting discussion groups and life skills sessions to develop interpersonal skills; educates community groups and individuals about mental health; speaks out on behalf of members about mental health issues; provides crisis intervention for members.

Pathways to Recovery® is a program that you will use as a tool to help you on your recovery journey. Pathways to Recovery® is a 12 week program that requires 2 hours per week of class time. You will also work on the material on your own time but there is no set schedule. It will help you discover what recovery looks like and decide the path you want to take to achieve it. It is an extensive workbook, about 400 pgs but you will use this book throughout your journey to recovery not just in the 12 weeks. It will orient you to move forward in your mental health recovery, help you identify your personal strengths and dreams, help you focus and re-establish your sources of identity and reclaim your lifestyle beyond a person with a psychiatric disability. It will help you think about who you are and the path you want to take to achieve your goals.

Where: 2340 Dundas St. West, Suite G27 | Toronto, ON M6P 4A9

When: Membership is free to anyone having a mental health issue. Please call for more details.

Contact: Gary 416-234-9245 Ext. 223 |

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