Group Name: Jane/Finch Community and Family Centre (JFCFC) – Getting In Touch

Description: Jane/Finch Community and Family Centre is a community based organization driven by passion, innovation, and a strong commitment to social justice, community engagement and collaboration. Their objective is to have a social and recreational mental-health program that helps meet the needs of men and women who are highly stressed or have been hospitalized because of psychiatric problems.

This is a community mental health social/recreational drop-in program for adults. A safe environment is provided to enable learning and to provide support in times of crisis, change, loneliness and isolation.

Group activities include a weekly community kitchen, monthly celebrity cook visits, physical exercises, cultural sharing, games, educational workshops, life skills, bingo, crafts, outings and more. All group activities are planned with and by the participants at monthly business meetings and respond to the interests and requests of the members. The program space is accessible and the program provides TTC fare, childcare and light refreshments.

Where: 4400 Jane Street, #108 | Toronto, ON M3N 2K4

When: Monday to Thursday from 1:30 p.m. until 3:00 p.m.

Contact: Jackie 416-663-2733 Ext. 292 |

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