Group Name: Humphrey Miles Funeral Home – Living is for Today (LIFT)

Description: For over 135 years, Humphrey Funeral Home A.W. Miles – Newbigging Chapel has celebrated life with the people of Toronto, and is proud to have been part of this wonderful city for four generations.

Participating in a group can be a source of support for someone facing the grief that follows death. There are no easy answers, but the sharing of common experiences and concerns can help the bereaved discover new strengths and insights which can aid in the recovery process. Finding support and encouragement may ease the pain and struggle. Please call us for information on the times and locations of our programs.

Where: Humphrey Funeral Homes-A.W. Miles Chapel | 1403 Bayview Avenue | Toronto, ON M4G 3A8

When: Meetings are held once a week, either in the evening or afternoon. Registration is required. Call the main office to register. The sessions are open to the public and are non-sectarian. If requested, referral can be made to therapists.

Contact: 416-485-6415 | 416-385-8885 Ext. 22 | |

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