Group Name: Newcomer Women Services Toronto – Network with Newcomer Women

Description: Newcomer Women Services Toronto is a non-profit, charitable organization serving immigrant and refugee women in Toronto. Our mission is to provide these women and their families with the guidance, encouragement and tools they need to settle in Canada.

Every Saturday morning approximately 50 women meet for English conversation sessions as part of the Newcomer Women’s Network. The program includes arts and crafts sessions, field trips, healthy cooking classes and storytelling. In addition to the social and emotional benefits of this program, there are workshops that provide valuable information about education, employment, health awareness and parenting, among other things. This program gives women the opportunity to share their experiences with one another and escape the stress and pressure of settlement for a few hours each week.

Our clients are involved in the development and design of the Saturday programs. Thus, they engage fully in the activities and develop both their language skills and self-confidence in the process. Through these activities, our clients become more connected to the wider community. The women learn more about themselves, one other, and the diverse communities that are represented.

As part of the Saturday program, we offer on-site child minding facilities.

Where: 401-745 Danforth Avenue | Toronto, ON M4J 1L4

When: Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. until 12:00 noon.

Contact: Charmalee Harris 416-469-0196 | |

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