Group Name: Recovering Couples Anonymous

Description: Ours is a fellowship of recovering couples. We suffer from many different addictions, and we share our experience, strength and hope with one another that we may solve our common problems and help other recovering couples restore their relationships. The only requirement for membership is a desire to remain committed to each other and to develop new intimacy. Our primary purpose is to stay committed in loving and intimate relationships and to help other couples achieve freedom from addicted and destructive relationships. RCA is a twelve-step program. Working the twelve steps of RCA together, as a couple, offers a unique recovery experience. This process opens doors to both individual and couple recovery. Their objective is to help couples to remain committed and to restore their relationship.

They meet for two hours every second week. The group provides a safe atmosphere to work on your relationship. Care is taken to ensure that boundaries within a relationship are respected (no dumping). Each week we also spend time on a reading or studying a step as it applies to your relationship.

Where: P.O. Box 11029 | Oakland, CA 94611

When: Must attend meetings as a couple, no fees but a seventh tradition (donation). They meet every second week at St. Boniface Catholic Church, 21 Markhanna Drive in Scarborough. Call for details

Contact: 416-282-2334 | 1-877-663-2317 | |

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