Group Name: The Aphasia Institute – Outreach Program

Description: The Aphasia Institute provides direct service to people with aphasia and their families in the GTA. Activities include: intake, introductory program, community aphasia program, conversation groups, peer support groups, craft. music, painting, Toastsmasters International Group, recreational programs, and a weekly drop in club.

The Outreach Program helps people with aphasia make meaningful connections with those around them in their neighbourhoods. The program has two elements – In-Home Visit and Partnership Training – that provide strategies and supports to help people with aphasia communicate and live fulfilled lives in their homes and communities.

For 10 weeks, a trained volunteer will provide weekly visits to someone with aphasia in his/her home, using tools to engage a client in conversation and assist with communication skills. Family members benefit from these visits as well as they learn from the volunteer new ways to help their loved ones with aphasia participate again in the world around them. This program reduces feelings of social isolation that often accompanies aphasia and renews a client’s self-confidence at being able to express their needs and desires.

Where: 73 Scarsdale Road | Toronto, ON M3B 2R2

When: Call for more Information

Contact: 416-226-3636 | |

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