Group Name: The Teresa Group – New Mom’s Group

Description: The Teresa Group is a community-based charitable organization specifically serving children affected by HIV and AIDS and their families.

Since 1990 The Teresa Group has evolved from providing support to a handful of children and families to an organization with a dedicated team of professional staff providing a broad range of compassionate front line services to hundreds of local children and families affected by HIV and AIDS. The Teresa Group also coordinates a Provincial program to distribute infant formula to new moms living with HIV and is a founding member and fiscal agent for the global Coalition on Children Affected by AIDS. The Teresa Group and the Coalition co-organize an international symposium affiliated with each International AIDS Conference. The Teresa Group provides leadership through example, information, education and innovation.

New Mom’s Group provides a safe place for moms to connect with others who have a baby and who also live with HIV. The activities are designed to engage, teach and stimulate as new moms and their babies get to know one another in their first year together. Many topics are covered including nutrition, and age and stage of development, and there is always time for songs and stories. This group helps reduce the isolation many new mothers experience.

Where: 124 Merton Street, Suite 300 | Toronto, ON M4S 2Z2

When: Call for more information.

Contact:  416-596-7703 | |

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