Group Name: Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters – HIPPY

Description: Working Women is a charitable organization that provides a variety of programs and services, which help immigrant women adjust to living in Toronto. When asked what sets us apart from other charities in the sector, we respond: Working Women is unique in two very distinct ways- their enterprising spirit and their approach with clients.

The HIPPY program, funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, is a free home-based program which recognizes the parents to be their children’s first and best teachers. Research has shown that the ideal time for children to start learning is in their earliest years. HIPPY at Working Women Community Centre provides newcomer families with tools and support that allow them to make a real difference in their children’s lives. The program empowers parents to help their children successfully enter the school system. Through early intervention, the program also helps immigrant families with their settlement needs; ensures enhanced success for children headed to kindergarten; and enables parents to play a key role in this learning and settlement process. Home visitors are employed to work with families in their homes. The home visitors bring a new set of instructional materials weekly, and using role-play, they spend one hour per week with the parent(s) reviewing the materials which in turn, the parents then deliver to their child in 15-minute daily sessions. Newcomer families make a two-year commitment to participate in the program for 30 weeks per year, concurrently with the school year. During the past few years, and through each of the HIPPY cycles, our program has served over 200 families and 210 children all across the sites in Toronto.

Where: 533A Gladstone Avenue | Toronto, ON M6H 3J1

When: Call for more information.

Contact: 416-532-2824 | |

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