A space for your peer support group

Where will we host our peer support group? This is one of many questions that will inevitably come up, when an individual or community decides to start a peer support group.

If you are starting a peer support group, here are three things to consider prior to starting your search for the perfect space:

1)   Consider what your group will require in a meeting space! For example, consider asking some of the following questions, prior to choosing a space:

  • How many people will the space accommodate (and  can it support growth)?
  • How safe will group members feel coming to the space?
  • How close will the space be to public transit (and parking)?
  • How accessible will the space be (i.e. wheel chair accessible, etc.)?
  • How much privacy will the space provide (and what is the noise level)?
  • How will the space accommodate your group’s technical needs (power sockets, etc.)
  • How aesthetically pleasing is the space (it’s a simple thing, but ambiance can go a long way towards making people feel comfortable in a space, and thus in the group)?

2)  Consider a variety of places for your meeting space! You can host your meetings in variety of places. This can include City Hall , your local YMCA , your local  library,   or even a local non-profit (you can visit Charity Village to find a listing of local non-profits). For more tips on how to find a meeting space, please visit MeetUp.com.

3)  Consider finding an organization or business to sponsor your meeting space! Community sponsors are local organizations, businesses or brands that you can build a mutually beneficial relationship with. Sponsors can either provide you with a free space or partly cover your groups meeting dues. MeetUp.com has some great tips for finding and approaching potential sponsors.

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