Group Name: Arrabon House – Support for Young Women

Description: Arrabon House, a Parkdale community based service for young women, was established in 1973 by community members concerned about adolescent girls (13-18 years) in need of safe shelter, positive life skills and emotional support. Arrabon provides a safe, healing environment, in which diversity, equality and flexibility are respected, for the young women in need of support. Healthy relationships are encouraged and skills are learned in order for the young women to become full participants in their community.

Professional referrals come to Arrabon through CARS, the Central Access for Residential Services for the Greater Toronto Area. Young women or families that are not connected to the service community can call the Arrabon intake worker, Catherine Ellis-Dobson, directly at 416-536-7037. Arrabon will then provide service co-ordination. Referrals to Lanthier Place may come through CARS but also come from other community resources. Self-referrals are welcome. The Lanthier Place intake worker, can be reached at the phone number shown below.

Where: 29 Wilson Park Rd, Toronto, ON, M6K 3B6

Contact: 416-563-7037 | |

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