Group Name: Centre francophone – Children’s Mental Health

Description: The Centre francophone de Toronto is a non-profit organization that serves, first and foremost, as the main entry point for Francophones who live or plan to settle in Toronto. The Centre helps promote the well-being of the Francophone community, and has developed a community-based and multi-disciplinary approach. It offers a range of services to meet the needs of all Francophones in the GTA.

The Mental Health Service program for children aged 0 to 6 helps children who have behavioural troubles, and guides parents in their child’s development. The signs that parents may detect are varied, and can include regular nightmares, few friends at school, deep sadness, lack of self confidence, angry outbursts, etc. After assessing the child’s needs, the therapist may assist in his or her process through: Therapies; Individual or family consultations; Group sessions; Coordination of services between various agencies; and Child care and family support.

Where: 20 Lower Spadina Avenue | Toronto, ON M5Y 2Z1

Contact: 416-922-2672 Ext. 233 |

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