Group Name: Centre francophone – La Passerelle Program (The Gateway)

Description: The Centre francophone de Toronto is a non-profit organization that serves, first and foremost, as the main entry point for Francophones who live or plan to settle in Toronto. The Centre helps promote the well-being of the Francophone community, and has developed a community-based and multi-disciplinary approach. It offers a range of services to meet the needs of all Francophones in the GTA.

La Passerelle (The Gateway) program is a day treatment centre for children aged 6 to 12 who need intensive support to overcome behavioural, emotional or social challenges they may encounter in school.
The proposed follow-up by professionals will ensure greater success at school by helping children become more motivated and easing their social integration.The professionals support children by:

  • regularly following up on an in-class therapy program
  • developing long-term strategies
  • easing their integration into the regular school environment

Where: 20 Lower Spadina Avenue | Toronto, ON M5Y 2Z1

Contact: 416-446-0303 Ext. 1 | |

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