Group Name: LOFT- Transitional Age Youth Program

Description: LOFT stands for “Leap of Faith Together“. Our name refers to our philosophy of taking risks and reaching out in response to unmet and emerging needs. It also refers to the leap of faith our clients take when they join our programs and take the risk of believing that things can improve for them, and that recovery is possible.

The LOFT Transitional Age Youth Program (TAY) seeks to fill the significant gaps that exist between youth and adult services sectors, and between hospital and community-based services. TAY serves about 200 at-risk youth a year, both male and female, aged 16 to 26. This program offers support and case management for youth mental health issues and youth addictions, and assists homeless youth in finding safe and affordable housing.

LOFT youth programs seek to harness each youth’s own personal strengths in order to encourage independence. Our programs aim to develop an empathetic, hopeful and continuous relationship with each client, taking a holistic approach to ensure each client receives services appropriate to his or her individual needs.

Where: 15 Toronto Street, 9th Floor | Toronto, ON M5C 2E3

When: Call for more information or vist us online.

Contact: Heather McDonald 416-979-1994 Ext. 226 | |

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