Group Name: Young Carers Program – YCP Night

Description: The Young Carers Program is an inter-agency strategy developed to meet needs of young carers and their families by facilitating supportive programs throughout Toronto that focus on recreational, social, educational, and skill development activities. We strive to build resilience in young carers by creating opportunities for mutual support, fun, and optimal development, which will strengthen the resources within the youth as well as their families. What is a young carer? A child or youth 5-18 years old in a caregiving role for a parent, grandparent, sibling or any relative with a chronic or life threatening illness, disability, addiction, mental illness, or language barrier.

Located in the same facility on the same night, both age groups of young carers have their own space with their own unique programs! YCP Teens: Designed just for teen young carers, each month provides an opportunity to discuss, relax and have fun. Through social recreational activities and relevant topics, teens are able to relieve stress, express themselves and know they are not alone! YCP Kids: A program for kids in a caring role to meet and develop self-esteem and coping skills. Through cool games and activities, young carers build resilience and friendship while meeting other kids like them and having fun!

Where: c/o Hospice Toronto | 2221 Yonge Street, Suite 400 | Toronto, ON, M4S 2B4

When: Programs are facilitated in different areas of Toronto, and hosted through other agencies and organizations in order to best meet the geographic locations of our families. Please call for more information

Contact: 416-364-1666 | |

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