Group Name: Cangrands – Grandparents & Kinship Support

Description: CANGRANDS welcomes all grandparents and Kinship families who are raising grandchildren or extended family members to our home on-line. Our aim is to support grandmothers, grandfathers, and Kinship families to maintain or re-establishing family ties. CANGRANDS is a not-for-profit organization devoted to providing kinship support for caregiver families across Canada. Our members come from all walks of life and are committed to helping each other through encouragement, support and the sharing of information. There are two types of membership packages where one costs $25.00 and the other $10, annually.

Where: If you are looking for a group close to home, check our ‘Find a Support Group’ page.

Contact: CANGRANDS National Kinship Support R.R. 1 | McArthurs Mills, ON, K0L 2M0 | 613-474-0035 | |

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