Group Name: Gay Poz Sex – Sexual Health Support with HIV/AIDS

Description: Gay Poz Sex (GPS) is a sexual health program for gay and bisexual men who are HIV-positive. I know: Finally! GPS is facilitated by gay, poz men, and we take a gay-positive, sex-positive approach to understanding our sexual health and getting good sex. Like GPS in a car helps you find your way when traveling, our GPS program helps gay, bisexual, poz men find their own way when seeking hot and healthy sex.

Only men over 18 years old and who identify as gay or bisexual and are HIV-positive are eligible
We meet for 2 hours once a week for 8 weeks. Confidentiality and safety are a priority – we only use pseudonyms (fake names). As we are in the second phase of researching GPS, participants are asked to complete questionnaires periodically and paid $30 for each questionnaire they complete. There are other criteria for eligibility and we can tell you about that when you contact us. Please contact our Peer Facilitators Rick & Scott for more information.

Contact: Rick & Scott 416-340-8484 Ext. 277 | |

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