Group Name: MukiBaum Foundation – Girlz Club

Description: The MukiBaum Foundation is a Toronto-based non-governmental organization (NGO) which provides inclusive, community-focused support to children and adults with complex disabilities and their families. Our goal is to enable all citizens with autism and other complex challenges to grow and succeed through innovative, creative and sustainable programming. The Foundation assists those whose needs would otherwise go un-addressed due to a lack of appropriate funding or services.

Girlz Club is for pre-teens 9-12 years of age. Club is held on the first Sunday of every month. This inclusive program helps participants strengthen their social skills by connecting with other girls their own age who share similar experiences. Facilitated by a registered arts therapist, the girls bond over activities that promote abilities and opportunities for self-expression, movement and creativity, including music, drama, arts and crafts, yoga, dance and other activities based on the girls’ interests and needs.

Where: 401 Magnetic Drive, Unit 25 |Toronto, ON M3J 3H9

When: All sessions are on Sundays: 2:45 p.m.- 4:15 p.m. January 11, February 1, March 1, and April 12, 2015. Cost is $20/session. Call for further details.

Contact: 416-661-8222 | |

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