Group Name: Centre for Immigration and Community Services (CICS) – Seniors Cyber and Social Club

Description: The 46-year momentum fuelled by the dedication, compassion and hard work of volunteers and staff places CICS at the forefront of serving immigrants. CICS is funded by three levels of government and United Way to provide a wide range of settlement programs and services in Toronto and York Region. Our staff speak 20 languages collectively and we serve immigrants of all age groups. CICS is committed to providing their clients with equal access to services that meet their individual needs.

Seniors Cyber and Social Club
Are you a senior over 55 years old and is interested in obtaining basic computer knowledge? This is a group you can’t miss. Come and learn how to use technology to access community resources and connect with friends and families using social media tools. The computer program has three levels: Become a Cyber Seniors, Fun with Internet and Digital World.

Where: 2330 Midland Avenue | Toronto, ON M1S 5G5

When: Mandarin speaking group meets on Wednesday mornings; Cantonese speaking group on Wednesday afternoons; the one at Markham South Welcome Centre meets on the 3rd Thursday of each month. Call our staff to learn details.

Contact: 416-292-7510 Ext. 135 Mandarin | 416-292-7510 Ext. 156 Cantonese | 905-479-7926 Mandarin & South Asian | |

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