Group Name: Epilepsy Toronto – Epilepsy Surgery Support Network

Description: Epilepsy Toronto is a non-profit agency that has supported people living with epilepsy for over 50 years. They offer free PROGRAMS AND SERVICES, host exciting EVENTS throughout the year, and provide lots of epilepsy information as well. Whether you have epilepsy, know someone who lives with seizures, or are just an interested community member wanting to learn more, Epilepsy Toronto can help!

Thinking of surgery? Then please contact us to connect and talk with others who have already had surgery. Learn first hand about what to expect and how surgery can control your seizures. Already had surgery? Then please join our network and become a peer supporter for others who are thinking of surgery. Sharing your experience with others can be a tremendous help.

Where: 468 Queen St. East, Suite 210 | Toronto, ON M5A 1T7

When: Please call for more information.

Contact: Rosie Smith 416 964-9095 | |

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