Group Name: Infertility London

Description: We are a group of individuals who have all had infertility affect our live in one way or another. You will notice as we share at our gatherings that all of us will have different stories. We may use different clinics, have different diagnosis’s or medical challenges. Some of us will be cycling, others not. Some of us will have family support, others will not. Most of us will suffer financial stress, stress in our relationships, and feel diminished or alone as a result of our infertility. You will find that some of us may already have children and now suffer from secondary infertility. Some of us will have adopted. Some of us are going through divorces as a result of the struggles of infertility. Some of us are single. Some of us might consider or have tried donor alternatives in our quest to have children. It does not matter what our differences are, we are all here because we have one thing in common; our ability to have a child just because we “choose” to is now denied to us. Our purpose is to provide a safe environment for anyone looking for support as a result of their infertility. Our hope is that through sharing our struggles together you will finally have a place to just be yourself with those who understand. And who knows, you might just make some great friends!

This group is :

  • A safe space to be who we are without fear of judgement. We give everyone the freedom to be themselves in a safe environment.
  • Each of us is the expert of our own experience and you and your experience will not be diminished by another persons experience just because it is different from your own.
  • You are allowed to be yourself, to be exactly where you are in your process, and know you can be honest about how your feeling.
  • We all have so much to say and offer but we try not interrupt one another. And you DON’T have to talk if you don’t want to! No worries!
  • We encourage you to share and remember that while you may not think you have anything important to say, what you have to share can and probably will help someone else, and on occasion even change another person’s life.
  • If you have a family member or friend who would benefit from joining us know they are welcome.

When: Meetings are “usually” second Monday of each month but sometimes vary. Please check the schedule to VERIFY!

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