Group Name: Jewish Family and Child Services – Here to Help

Description: Jewish Family & Child supports the healthy development of individuals, children, families, and communities through prevention, protection, counselling, education and advocacy services, within the context of Jewish values.

A powerful initiative of the JF&CS Woman Abuse program and the Ministry of Community and Social Services, Here to Help is a group program for children ages 4 to 16 and their mothers who have been exposed to domestic violence (abuse in the home).

The Here to Help Program provides a safe and supportive environment where both children and their moms can begin to heal from the hurtful experiences of the violence. Children exposed to aggressive fighting between their parents may learn that this is the only way to solve problems, deal with frustration and have their needs met. To stop the cycle of violence, children need the opportunity to talk about what they have experienced (and may continue to be experiencing) at home. Through Here to Help, children understand that they are not alone in their experiences; they are able to talk to other children, often for the first time, who have been exposed to the same things.

It is also known that parenting can be impacted by domestic violence. Here to Help focuses on parenting skills and strategies to assist moms in working through these challenges.

Where: 4600 Bathurst Street | Toronto, ON M2R 3V3

When: Call for more information.

Contact: 416-638-7800 Ext. 6216 | |

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