Group Name: Interval House – Women’s Program

Description: We raise our voice for the women in our home, ensuring that domestic violence is part of the public and political agenda. Interval House provides leadership in fighting violence against women. Women and children escaping violence find a safe haven at Interval House – a home where they can heal their physical and emotional scars and rebuild their shattered lives.Our Residential Program includes: Shelter life, counselling, women’s program, and a children’s program.

Women’s Program
Our Women’s Group explores different experiences for abused women including independence, self-esteem, healthy relationships and boundaries. In addition, we also offer:

  • Expressive Art Group
  • Workshops on parenting and other relevant issues brought forward by women
  • Cultural Interpreters and ESL
  • Court Support program to help women navigate the complex legal system including the criminal courts if there are charges against their partner, family court to help women gain custody of their children, as well as connecting women to legal aid and any other emotional or practical support they need
  • Social activities: games, movies and a reminder to take a little bit of time away from your children and for yourself

Where: 131 Bloor Street West, Suite 200 | Toronto, ON, M5S 1R8

Contact: 416-924-1411 | |

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