Group Name: Opportunity For Advancement (OFA) – Women’s Wellness

Description: OFA has been developing and offering innovative groups for socially and economically disadvantaged women for over 30 years. We have been part of proudly supporting thousands of women to help themselves gain confidence, self-respect and move towards economic independence.
Opportunity For Advancement (OFA) works with women in disadvantaged life situations. While poverty is an issue for almost all the women, other factors create additional barriers to well-being and equal participation in society.

Women’s Wellness
The Women Under Stress program offers an alternative to the traditional mental health approach to women living in stressful life situations. Women learn to manage their stress in their lives in a free 9 week program which meets 2 mornings per week. Working in small groups, women share experiences, receive information and support, and develop strategies to cope under pressure. They learn about helpful resources and gain support from other group members to assist them to make positive life changes and avoid (re)hospitalization. The program is open to all women, and free childcare and transit fare are provided. *** This program is offered at 5 different locations across the Greater Toronto Area.

Where: 54 Wolseley Street, 2nd Floor | Toronto, ON M5T 1A5

When: Call for more information.

Contact: 416-787-1481 | |

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