Group Name: Families with Children from China Toronto (FCC Tpronto)

Description: FCC Toronto (Central Ontario Families with Children from China) is a volunteer organization that provides information and organized activities to families in the greater Toronto area who have adopted children from China or are in the process of doing so, people just starting to think about it, and some adoption professionals. Across the world, these people have started local chapters of FCC. Some chapters are formally organized while others are more informal. However, all chapters share the following goals:

  • To advocate for and support the children remaining in orphanages in China,
  • To encourage adoption from China and support waiting families; and
  • To support families who have adopted from China through post-adoption and Chinese culture activities.
  • The activities put on by FCC chapters can include things such as newsletters, Chinese festival celebrations, directories of members, playgroups, Chinese language and culture classes for children and parents, picnics, and more.

Annual membership fee is $20 per family. FCC Orientations is the quarterly newsletter of FCC Toronto, and is sent automatically to all members. It contains a wide variety of articles and information of interest to adoptive parents from China and other parts of Asia.

Where: P.O. Box 808, Station F | Toronto, ON M4Y 2N7


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