Group Name: Sanctuary – Health Clinic

Description: Sanctuary is a Christian charitable organization that seeks to establish and develop holistic, inclusive and healthy community. We welcome people who have, for the most part, known only rejection and abuse. Our core community includes: people who are homeless and people who run their own businesses, middle-aged, middle-class people and squeegee kids, and university students and hardened street people.

Individuals in our community face significant health issues, often resulting from their lifestyle – physical ailments caused by living on the streets or in poor-quality housing, or the side effects of substance abuse and “tough living”. Some common issues we deal with are foot care problems, wounds, infectious diseases (especially sexually transmitted diseases, skin infections and lung infections), and mental health care. Our team provides a range of care from basic stitch removal, to management of complex health care, like HIV/AIDs. Sanctuary deals with a host of other medical issues, including:

  • stabbings
  • beatings
  • nose bleeds
  • alcohol and drug addictions
  • seizures
  • pancreatitis
  • sexually transmitted diseases
  • AIDS
  • pregnancy
  • cancer
  • neurological disorders
  • depression
  • schizophrenia
  • manic depression

Where: 25 Charles Street East | Toronto, ON M4Y 1R9

Contact: 416-922-0628 Ext. 7 leave a message | |

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