Group Name: Sjögren’s Society of Canada

Description: In 2005, Lee Durdon, frustrated and overwhelmed with her many Sjögren’s symptoms and the lack of resources and information for patients in Canada, volunteered to be an Ontario support group leader with the U.S. Sjögren’s Syndrome Foundation. She organized support group meetings and educational seminars. With the support of her family and doctors, she reached out to patients and professionals and realized that more than local support was needed. In November, 2008, the Sjögren’s Society of Canada became a Canadian nonprofit organization.

Making connections with other people who understand your circumstances can make all the difference in how you feel, cope and interact with those around you. It has been established that a person’s quality of life is enhanced by participating in support groups and making that contact with someone else with the same condition. Membership is $30 annually and it provides access to support groups and the newsletter. In the absence of a Support Group in the area, volunteer local Contact Persons provide information, coping strategies and support to Sjögren’s syndrome patients by telephone. Contact Persons provide important assistance to people with Sjögren’s.

Where: 32 Oneida Drive | Brantford, ON N3S 0A8

Contact: 1-888-558-0950 | |

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