Group Name: Street Health – Community Mental Health Program

Description: Street Health is a non-profit community based agency that improves the health of homeless and under-housed people in Toronto. We offer both physical and mental health programs. We provide our services on the street, in parks, and in homeless shelters and drop-ins. The people we work with have lives characterized by extreme poverty, chronic unemployment, insecurity in housing, poor nutrition, high stress and loneliness. They also have more frequent and serious illnesses, and die younger on average than the general population.

The Community Mental Health Program supports people who face the extra challenge of mental health issues while homeless or under-housed. As many as 30% of homeless people in Canada have experienced a mental health issue. The lack of supportive housing makes it all the more difficult for individuals to access and maintain housing. Beyond basic supports, the five-person mental health team provides crisis intervention, outreach, informal counselling, legal support, and referrals to other community resources. The team works with neighbouring service providers, the nursing team and others.

Where: 338 Dundas Street East | Toronto, ON M5A 2A1

Contact: 416-921-8668 | |

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