Group Name: The Canadian Addison Society

Description: Since 1990 when the Canadian Addison Society was founded, the membership has grown from 13 to about 150 members. The number of people with Addison’s disease varies with surveys in different countries depending on how these surveys are done, but in the United States, between 6 and 11 out of every 100,000 people will be diagnosed with this disease. The statistics are probably the same in Canada. The primary purpose of our site is to offer information about Addison’s Disease. Through our various support groups, we have contacts who may be able to provide information to the many questions a newly diagnosed Addisonian might have; as well as the opportunity of personal contact with somebody who has experienced some of the concerns associated with the disease. Our third goal is to help educate not only the medical society but also the public to aspects of the disease.

When diagnosed with Addison’s Disease, it is good to know that you are not alone. There can be a steep learning curve for both the individual and the family. Joining a local support group is an opportunity to have personal contact with others who have experienced the same problems as you are having, to get new ideas, and to get questions answered. A support group is a gathering place where Addisonians and family members can come together to exchange information and get ideas on how to cope. Support is one of the best tools for living with Addison’s disease.

Where: 193 Elgin Avenue West | Goderich, ON N7A 2E7

When: Meets twice a yearly. In May at the Erin Mills United Church, 3010 The Collegeway, Mississauga ON L5L 4X9 and in October at The Brantford Police Station, 344 Elgin Street, Brantford ON

Contact: Harold Smith 519-742-8170 | Roger Steinmann 519-575-6590 | 1-888-550-5582 |

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