Group Name: The Secret Handshake – Schizophrenia Peer Support

Description: Formed in 2004 in response to a void in the after-treatment of patients following a schizophrenia diagnosis, The Secret Handshake is a Peer Support facility in Canada created by and for people with schizophrenia. It is similar to the model of peer support organization Alcoholics Anonymous. The Secret Handshake recognizes that peers are uniquely equipped to counsel and support others coping with the illness. Members mentor and share recovery techniques and resources. Most important, we build deep friendships based on mutual trust and respect, breaking the cycle of isolation, stigma and ostracism.

Many people coping with schizophrenia do not have the support or skills to reintegrate into the mainstream. Frequently, they are not aware of important services available to them. We help them navigate the system. They can be very isolated, even in a family setting. Members flourish when they meet regularly with people who are living with the schizophrenia experience. The diagnosis of any mental or physical illness requires treatment and support specific to that illness. This is why there is tremendous value in our Diagnostic Specific model.

Where: 170 A Baldwin st, west of Spadina

When: Monday drop in, art viewing 2.30 – 6 pm
Saturdays art galleree, hours & drop in 2.30 – 6 pm
The last Sunday of every month gala poetry readings 2 – 5 pm

Contact: 416-995-8157 | |

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