Group Name: Yellow Brick House – 24 hour Crisis Line for Abused Women

Description: Yellow Brick House is mandated to provide services in York Region to women and children who have experienced violence and abuse. Violence and abuse against women and children reflects and reinforces the power imbalance between men and women. It is an expression of women’s disadvantaged status, and a coercive tool used to maintain a circumstance of male dominance and control. Violence and abuse serves to control women and protect male power, as evidenced by the fact that the overwhelming majority of victims are women while offenders and perpetrators are most often, though not exclusively, men. Yellow Brick House is committed to challenging and eradicating the beliefs, values, systems and structures which support and perpetuate sexism and violence against women.

Counsellors are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to take crisis calls and assess a caller’s specific situation. They can then refer the woman on the most appropriate action. Whether it’s referring to one of our many outreach services or bringing them into the shelter, our 24 hour crisis line is a first step in the right direction for women and children living in abusive situations.

Where: 52 West Beaver Creek Road, Unit 4 | Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1L9

Contact: 1-800-263-3247 (Crisis Line Ext. 1) | 905 709-0900 | 1-800-263-2231 | |

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