Group Name: Alternatives: Crazy/Mad Peer Support

Description: Alternatives is a community-based mental health agency located in the East End of Toronto providing one-to-one client counselling, case management, and community supports to individuals who have significant mental health challenges. They provide individual community support and counselling, groups, advocacy, linkages to other services, information and referrals. Alternatives is recovery-oriented in that they focus on self-determination, support / connection, and self-advocacy and hope as part of a journey towards improved well-being.

Do you identify as a crazy/mad person, psychiatric survivor, system refuser, service user, and/or person with lived experience? Join fellow crazy/mad peers to hang out, give and get peer support, share info, discuss alternatives to the medical model, engage in systemic advocacy, build Mad community, play board games. For the top secret location (to ensure the anonymity/privacy of members) and/or to join our new confidential email discussion list.

Where: 1245 Danforth Avenue | Toronto, ON M4J 1M8

When: Saturday, March 14, 2015 from 3 p.m. until 6 p.m. in downtown Toronto. Please contact for further dates.

Contact: 416-285-7996 | | |

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