Group Name: Forced Marriage Project

Description: The FMP (Forced Marriage Project) is an awareness and education initiative, started through Agincourt Community Services Association and funded by Status of Women Canada. Hundreds, possibly thousands, of women, girls, men and boys in Canada are affected by forced marriage; however it is an issue that has not as yet been adequately addressed in Canada. As such, we approach the issue of forced marriage from an anti-oppressive, anti-racist position, viewing it primarily as a form of violence against women, which is sometimes used to control men and boys as well, and we seek to address it along with other forms of violence and domestic abuse.

Profiles in Courage: true stories of survivors who have been faced with a forced marriage and have gone on to have wonderful lives. Share your thoughts, ideas, experiences and art with us by giving us your thoughts and ideas about making the website a more helpful place for everyone.
How to Start a Conversation with Your Parents: lets you share anonymously what has worked and what hasn’t worked for you in your situation.
Share Your Art: is a place for you to share anonymously – or otherwise – the paintings, writing, music or short videos that you have created about forced marriage. Take a look at the Resources section at our website for books, plays, music, film, and even academic articles that you can explore to learn more about forced marriage and the experiences of others who have been forced into marriage. Create a Circle of Support with your friends and learn how you can Become Part of the Movement to End Forced Marriage in Canada, and around the world.

Where: 4155 Sheppard Avenue East Suite 100 | Toronto, ON M1S 1T4

When: Please call for more information

Contact: 416-321-6912 |

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