Group Name: Depression in Pregnancy and Post-Partum Therapy

Description: There are times in our life when we reach out for support . I hope that this web site will give you some information that will help you as you seek help with your concern. I believe that seeking help through therapy and counselling is a beautiful indication of a willingness to engage with the challenges facing you. It reflects the part of you that has hope. Please take your time to think about if any of my services can help you with your issues and challenges.

Arlene Vandersloot, Psychologist: I began my career as a Registered Midwife and worked in Ontario providing prenatal, labour and birth, and post-partum care. My approach is one that draws on my knowledge of the transition to parenthood and the physiological and psychological adaptation to this time in your life. We will work together to set up a schedule of visits during key points in your pregnancy to help you plan and manage your depression or anxiety. I am trained in infant-parent psychotherapy and work with infant as well. *** I do offer a sliding scale for clients who are pregnant or in the first year postpartum who are experiencing depression, anxiety or trauma related symptoms.

Where: 33 Dundonald Street | Toronto, ON M4Y 1K3

Contact: 416-904-6560 | |

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