Group Name: Gay Canada

Description: Founded in 1994, the Canadian Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual Resource Directory (CGLBRD) is an organization dedicated to the collection, compilation and distribution of information important to or of relevance to the GLB communities across Canada. The CGLBRD is a group of hard working people dedicated to bringing information about gay and gay-friendly resources, organizations and businesses to all Canadians as well as visitors to our country. GayCanada is the Internet side of the CGLBRD. It functions as both a primary method for displaying information that the CGLBRD has collected as well as an information gathering tool for the organization.

All information found at GayCanada is available free of charge. We encourage our readers to use and pass on the information which we have collected. There are groups of interest for gays, lesbians, bisexuals, trans and queer including a coming out peer support. Visit the online directory and search for all groups in Toronto.

Where: 971 Corydon Avenue, Suite 296 | Winnipeg, Manitoba R3M 3S7

When: Find support in Toronto through their online directory

Contact: 1-800-245-2734 |

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