Group Name: Parkdale Activity-Recreation Centre: Drop-In

Description: The true meaning of PARC (Parkdale Activity-Recreation Centre) is reflected in our mission: “A community where people rebuild their lives.” PARC works with members on individual issues of poverty, mental health, addictions, homelessness and food security. Members access services and develop relationships with our staff and one another through four core areas of operation: a drop-in centre, a peer-support program, an outreach program and supportive housing.

Our Drop-In Centre is the starting point for everything members and staff do together to help rebuild lives. Whether it’s conversing with a friend, having a healthy meal, securing a place to live, or working a shift around the building, it all begins at the Drop-In. People come as they are and are accepted for who they are. Poverty is a common thread among members, however, what sets each member apart is how they choose to give back, create and grow. The simple act of walking through our doors is what makes a person a PARC member. Choosing to give back, create and grow is how PARC members contribute and help build our community. Here are only some of groups that PARC members have full access to:

  • Music group
  • Art group
  • Writing group
  • Soccer and Hockey League
  • Karaoke
  • Knitting group
  • Games clube
  • Yoga, Reiki, Mindfulness groups

Where: 1499 Queen Street West | Toronto, ON, M6R 1A3

Contact: 416-537-2262 | |

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