Feel Good Fridays: Wellness Beyond Weight

The Self-Help Resource Centre‚Äôs Feel Good Fridays: Wellness Beyond Weight in partnership with Houselink has come to an end. This was a peer support wellness group for people of all shapes and sizes who were interested in discovering easy ways eat healthier and get moving while connecting with other. For eight weeks we met every Friday exercising first and then participated in other group activities indoors. From mindful eating exercises to examining tips on achieving our best personal body image, we did it all. As facilitators, we enjoyed it immensely. Here’s what the participants had to say:

What they liked most?

“Talking with others who struggle with the same issues as I do”

“More than enough time for questions and answers; good interaction”

“The people!”

“Information to take home 1st day interesting”

What did they find most useful?

“Learning to accept myself the way I am”

“Openness and frankness of discussions”

“Liked the mindfulness exercises dealing with eating, body image, etc.”


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