Group Name: Unleash Your Creativity

Description: It’s been said that there is no heavier burden that an unfulfilled potential. Do you play a musical instrument and would like to showcase your talent? Do you write – poetry, short stories, essays, etc. but don’t know how to get published? Do you paint but have no place to
show off your art work? You have an urge to be creative but are lost on how to get started?

We’ve started a support group – more like of a workshop – where we “unleash our creativity.” Based on Taoism’s interpretation of the Golden Rule, (treat your neighbour’s gain as your gain; your neighbour’s loss as your loss), we will create an environment of INTERDEPENDENCE where we help each other with his/her creativity. Just a few ideas: Play a musical instrument? How about forming a musical combo and entertain in nursing homes and hospitals? Is writing your thing? How about self publishing? Or upload your creation onto the internet? How about painting or artwork? We could showcase your work at our very own exhibit. Who knows! We may even make a few dollars.

Contact: Ken Munro 416-481-4076 |

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