Affordable Self-Care

Whether you have been diagnosed with a mental health disorder, you are going through a challenging time or just trying to stay healthy and keep balance in this busy world, the same internal and external resources are being used. Eating well, getting exercise and enough sleep, socializing with supportive friends/family, and feeling a sense of belonging with meaning and purpose, contributes to a happy and healthy life.

Knowing what resources you have available and using them when needed is what self-care is all about! Maybe your internal resources include positive self-talk such as:  “this will pass”, “it will all work out the way it’s suppose to”, “I’m not alone”, “feeling down/scared/angry is normal”, “I can do this”. Perhaps they are more of a feeling of hope, acceptance, connection, love, determination or devotion. These internal resources are invaluable to maintaining a healthy perspective but sometimes they are not enough on their own. Sometimes we need external resources to maintain our wellness.

External resources can involve getting your basic needs met such as food, shelter and healthcare but often this alone does not get us to optimum health and happiness. Luckily there are many resources out there that expand on these basic needs.  Food today (especially packaged food) no longer provides the nutrients our body and mind need nor are we provided with education on what is needed. Traditional healthcare has not always maintained a holistic perspective. While trying to “fix” one area of the body, other body, mind and emotional systems have been ignored or are at risk. However, things are changing. Almost every corner has a yoga studio, massage therapist, acupuncturist, health food store, juice bar, etc.

The challenge is, these complementary healthcare providers are often not covered by OHIP and if you don’t have other insurance you are stuck paying ~$100 per visit. Until now! Below is a list of various affordable external resources some of which can even help you further develop your internal resources.


Toronto Acupuncture Studio  1116 college St / 647-700-4644 / / $20 per visit or volunteer and trade your time working reception for acupuncture sessions

Transense Healing Arts Holistic Centre   344 Bloor St W Suite 610 / 416-916-2980 / / $20 per visit

Toronto Community Acupuncture  27 Davies Ave / 416-405-8222 / / $20 per visit


Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College  6100 Leslie St / 416-482-2546 / / Initial visit $28, Subsequent visits $18

Smile City Dental  1554A Bloor St. West / 416-539-9887 / / Accepting patients with proof of private insurance, Ontario Works, conventional refugee/refugee claimant, First Nations, and ODSP

Education and Healing Workshops

Intuitive Centre Learning Studio & Healing Clinic  Kate Opashinov / 796 Eglinton Ave E / 416-467-1917 / / Classes offered through TDSB $14 per class or $10 if on ODSP or OW

Energy Healing

Pranic Healing   344 Bloor St W Suite 610 / 905-262-1697 / / Monday healing clinic on donation

Master Sha’s Soul Healing   1160 Ellesmere Rd / 416-609-2777 / / Free healing Sundays 11am

Food and Nutrition

The stop  1884 Davenport Rd & 601 Christie St. / 416-651-7867 / / Drop-in, food bank, perinatal program, community action program, bake ovens and markets, community cooking, community advocacy, sustainable food systems education and urban agriculture

Nutritionist  Sheila Ream from Nutritionist in the House / 416-691-1113 / Community Centre 55, 97 Main Street / Free half hour consultations


Take Your Mark Healing Arts Natasha Boomer / 378 Delaware St. / 416-854-7115 / / $50 for 90 minute chakra massage from a Reiki master


Mindful Mood Ginny McFarlane / 2243 Queen St E / 416-686-2138 / / OHIP covered

Meditation for Health Lucinda Sykes / 720 Spadina Ave Suite 509 / 416 413-9158 / / OHIP covered

Twin Hearts Meditation 344 Bloor St W Suite 610 / Mondays at 7pm / 905-262-1697 /

Narrative Competence Therapy

Dr. Joan Barr 19 Alvin Ave / 416-929-4587 / OHIP covered


Robert Schad Naturopathic Clinic 1255 Sheppard Avenue East / 416-498-9763 / / Adult $42  Seniors $31.50  Students $16.50


Moksha (hot) Yoga Volunteer and trade your time cleaning and working reception for yoga classes / 372 Danforth Ave / 416-778-7744 / 577 Wellington St W / 416-361-3033 / 2454 Bloor St W #2 / 416-766-9642
Regular yoga / 2968 Dundas St W / 416-926-YOGA

Many yoga studios throughout the city offer work exchange for classes.

Look for a studio in your area

Other Free or low cost resources can be found periodically in the biweekly consumer survivor info bulletin  or at

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