Introduction to Peer Facilitation Training

On Friday, June 26th the Self Help Resource Centre facilitated Introduction to Peer Facilitation Training at Houselink. A number of topics were covered including: how to create an action plan for starting a peer support group, how to establish a comfort agreement, what strength based language is and how to handle and resolve conflict. A supportive and inclusive environment was created through the group’s participation in discussions and active listening. In addition to a great presentation and engaging discussions there was also a lovely lunch provided by Houselink.

Don’t just take our word for the fantastic training, read what the participants are saying!

“The presenter was knowledgeable and knew different skills in presenting the material.”
“Easy going atmosphere, filled with positive information.”
“All info was practical”
“What I liked most was group participation; facilitator was welcoming/approachable/supportive/informative.”
“Great workshop, will recommend and spread the word.”
“Thank you for the day.”
“Facilitator = empowering! Thank you!”
“Good workshop, thank you for organizing it.”
“What I found most useful was being with other people working to do something, trying to make something happen. I feel supported in that.”
“What I found most useful was discussing all the topics, hearing different opinions from people.”
“What I found most useful was the comfort agreement and reforming the way we think and speak.”

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