This bursary was established with a generous donation by an anonymous donor to the Empowerment Council in order to acknowledge and support individuals wanting to explore the area of mental health advocacy and human rights. The main purpose of the bursary is to provide financial assistance to low-income clients and/or students who may be pursuing education in college, certificate courses, undergraduate/graduate courses, other professional development training/workshops or related courses. The award can also be applied to education-related equipment for courses, and depending on the program this could also be for video or art supplies.



The bursary is for those who are proposing to undertake some work or education in the area of advocacy, human rights or opportunities that contribute to the history of psychiatric survivor/consumers community work, research or in the growing field of Mad Studies. Too often, the importance of funding for the advocacy and human rights of consumers and psychiatric survivors is overlooked. This bursary is aimed at focusing on support for specific educational discovery in this area.


The deadline for submissions is 5:00pm OCTOBER 15th 2015.


You will find the Application Form in the link below:

Bursary Application (1) (1)

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