MDAO is now able to offer WRAP Facilitator Training to organisations and individuals on a payment basis.

As part of the Provincial Capacity Building Program funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation, MDAO now has the capability to train WRAP facilitators through its network of affiliates throughout Ontario. The funding for this program does not extend to offering free training to individuals or organisations that are not affiliated with the network but does allow MDAO to offer the same training on a payment basis.

Our approach offers more than the base five day WRAP Facilitator course and is intended not to simply train facilitators but to build new capability to offer WRAP to new communities. The intention is to make WRAP more accessible and available to more people throughout Ontario.



MDAO’s learning model is based in an understanding that learning does not finish in a training workshop, that real learning begins when we begin to apply new ideas, understanding, knowledge and skills in our work to help generate worthwhile results.

The purpose of our capacity building program is not simply to issue WRAP Facilitator Certificates but to make WRAP available to more Ontarians so they can go on to use ideas and approaches they learn in their own path to recovery and a fulfilling life.

Our training reflects this and includes ongoing support beyond the standard one week WRAP Facilitator Training Workshop, we also help facilitators plan for and run their first group – at your place, at our place or in a new community setting. If you need, we can also pair you with one of our facilitator team.

Our WRAP training is aligned with Copeland Centre’s “Fidelity Model” that is supported by research and recognised as a best practice, essentially, WRAP facilitator training is led by two Advanced Level Wrap Facilitators who received their training directly from the Copeland Centre, modelling the values and ethics and co-facilitation model to create environments in which people can explore how they can learn from WRAP and use it in their own lives.

Dates:  Mon 16th Nov 2015 to Fri 20th Nov 2015

Fee: This training is available now at an introductory offer of $1,200 per person.

For further information or clarification please contact Kevin Healey at

Please visit to find all the information.


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