The Board of Directors of the National Network for Mental Health is seeking to appoint new board member to support the work of the NNMH, to ensure pan national representation, so that we have the capacity and skills to oversee the next phase of the organization’s work.

Who We Are
The National Network for Mental Health is a non-profit charitable organization that has a “grassroots” history and approach.  The NNMH is unique in that it is the only non-diagnostic mental health consumer/survivor organization that is national in scope and service in Canada.
As an organization, we are 100% consumer/survivor driven. This means that all of our board members, voting members, and staff, are self declared mental health consumer/survivors or people with the lived experience of mental health.
We believe networking and capacity building to be based on the principles of inclusion and informed choice and we respect each person’s individuality as we work together to find “common ground”.  The NNMH is committed to fostering, networks, developing partnerships, supporting inclusive collaboration, and maintaining mutually respectful alliances.

About the Board                                                                            
Our board composition includes ten provinces three territories and three additional positions that will be elected by the board from anywhere in Canada to address an area of skill or diversity lacking from the group of elected directors. Board members are elected to hold office for a two year term with opportunity for renewal. Board members are expected to attend regularly scheduled and ad hoc meetings, and participate on committees of the board.

General Attributes Expertise and Knowledge

  • Commitment to the goals and objectives of the NNMH
  • Willingness to act as an ambassador for the NNMH
  • You must be self-identified as a consumer survivor or a person with lived experience with mental illness.
  • 18 years of age or older with power under the law to contract.
  •  Directors must be voting members in good standing with the Corporation.
  • Knowledge in about items of importance around mental health/illness in your locale, regionally/provincially/territorial?

How to Apply
Please submit a paragraph or cover letter not more than 500 words with your resume and application found on the website  by October 30, 2015 to

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