The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) invites submissions from individuals who are interested in being considered for the CAMH Board of Trustees and/or membership on Board committees. The Board of Trustees of CAMH has overall responsibility for the governance of CAMH. It provides strategic leadership to CAMH in establishing its vision, mission and core values and defining policies that reflect them. It adopts policies to ensure the effective management of the organization’s human and financial resources and to ensure excellence in the provision of care. The Board is also responsible to its funders and the community at large for the operations of CAMH.

The Board will prioritize the recruitment of different skills, expertise and experience over time depending on the particular needs of the Board in any given year. CAMH is strongly committed to equity and diversity within its community and the overall Board membership will have regard for the cultural, gender, ethnic, linguistic, racial and religious characteristics of the communities CAMH serves with a view to ensuring that it is comprised of individuals who bring provincial perspective, direct experience in the addictions/mental health area; experience from other boards; community involvement; and the perspective of consumers and families to the Board table.

Members will be appointed based on their relevant experience and knowledge but, generally speaking, recruitment will focus on an individual’s ability to provide insight and leadership in one or more of the following areas:

• Organizational or healthcare sector strategy
• Governance
• Executive or organizational oversight and management
• Quality and Patient/Client Safety
• Financial Stewardship
• Risk Management
• Relationship building with Government, stakeholders and partners

While all applications will be considered, preference will be given to those whose resumes include experience in Property Development, Healthcare Research, Public Relations/Communications and/or Financial Management. In addition, the Board is eager to attract qualified candidates from across Ontario to support CAMH’s province-wide mandate.

Your submission should include the reasons you would like to serve with CAMH and an indication of your commitment to, knowledge of, and/or experience with the addictions or mental health fields. Previous experience on volunteer Boards or committees is an asset and reference to that experience should also be included.

The Board’s Governance Committee will review responses and recommend nominees for vacancies on CAMH Board of Trustees and its committees.

The deadline for receipt of submissions is January 31, 2016. Correspondence, including a current CV, should be forwarded to: Kristin L. Taylor Vice-President, Legal Services General Counsel Centre for Addiction and Mental Health 1001 Queen St. West Bell Gateway Building, 6th Floor Toronto, Ontario M6J 1H4 Or emailed to Or faxed to: 416-583-1236

We thank you for your interest in CAMH. Please note that only those being considered for an interview this year will be contacted.

Questions regarding the Board or the nomination process should be directed to Anna Chow, Manager of the Office of the President ( or Kristin Taylor (contact info above).


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