News about some of the ways you can join us in enacting a world that understands voice hearing, supports the needs of individuals who hear voices and regards them as full citizens.
-Eleanor Longden TED 2013

Our intention is that you go away with a deeper understanding of voices, insights you can integrate into your worldview, and practical ways of working in the safe spaces you create with people who hear voices.

As well, and more generally we hope you will feel better equipped to play your role in enacting a world that understands voice hearing – a world that is easier for us all to live in.

_First moday of each month, 6pm to 8pm: Hearing Voices Café Toronto –
Hearing Voices Café Toronto started as a project in collaboration  with artist Dora Garcia and her exhibition at Toronto’s The Powerplant Contemporary art gallery. Now, in a world’s first, the Hearing Voices Café Toronto will continue to meet monthly, first Monday each Month. Hearing Voices Café is open to all. Find out more:

_Thur 18th Feb 630pm to 830pm: Hearing Voices Group – 

_Fri 26th Feb 2016: Hearing Voices Training Workshop #1  Accepting Voices

Innovative and unique training for those who work with people who hear voices. Designed by people who hear voices and people who work with people who hear voices, learning from both experiences.

For full info and registration:

_Thu/Fri 17&18th Mar 2013: Hearing Voices Training Workshop #2  Working With Voices

Solid, practical introduction to voice profiling, Maastricht Interview, voice mapping and voice dialogue – key  approaches and tools for working one to one with a person who hears voices. Includes opportunity to practice. A two-day, intensive, small group workshop offering an intro to key approaches and with time to begin practicing. You will need to have attended Workshop #1 in order to attend Workshop#2. To register, please click the following link –



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