Darkness into Light is the annual suicide awareness and prevention event which takes place as dawn is breaking all over the world. Last year the phenomenal event came to Canada with almost 1,000 people in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto taking part. In Toronto, 366 people rose at 5a.m. to walk (or run) in a community movement to say ‘You are not alone’ and to walk each other from Darkness into Light.

Our ultimate goal is to get 1,000 people walking this year. This extraordinary event gathers people of all ages, people in their 20’s and 30’s as well as older and children and babies. Taking part in this family orientated event is the first step in eradicating the stigma around suicide and mental health because for the children who take part, the conversation has already begun.

Where: from the Jack Layton Ferry Docks to Ireland Park and back again
When: on May 7th beginning at5a.m.
Information: http://dil.pieta.ie/venues/venue-view/darkness-into-light-toronto and dilmariepeelo@gmail.com

In Toronto we work with the local charity Young Ones who work tirelessly to help young people – free of charge – with mental health issues. By partnering with local charities, Pieta House, the Irish charity behind all of the Darkness into Light events are reaching more people than any other single mental health charity in the world.

To understand what this amazing event is all about, take a look at our video from last year – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPeyxdgQUPw

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