TIME™ is a group exercise program originally designed by Toronto Rehab-UHN physiotherapists and led by fitness instructors at local community centres across Canada. The program was developed for adults who have challenges with balance and mobility.

This program is for you if want to:
_Get Fit and Increase Your Energy
_Be More Confident in Your Balance
_Feel Stronger and More Active
_Enjoy the Many Benefits of Exercise
_Move with More Ease in your Home and Community

Join TIME™ in a local community centre for a program that provides safe and beneficial exercise to meet these goals. Classes are one hour long, 1-2 times per week, usually 10-12 weeks.

Participants must be able to walk independently for 10 m (30 feet) with or without a cane or walker. Many of the participants in the class have difficulties with balance or moving around in their home or community due to conditions such as stroke or MS. Registration fees for the TIME program vary. Please inquire at the specific site in your area. Subsidies may be available from the community centre.

Where:  Miles Nadal JCC, 750 Spadina Ave, Toronto, M5S 2J2
When:  Wednesday March 16, 201612:00 PM – 1:00 PM (more dates available)
Contact: Colin Blayney Phone: 416-924-6211 Ext. 526  Email: colinb@mcjcc.org
Event Description:  Cost: Free

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