Transition Town has an initiative called Treemobile, which is fruit tree-planting to adapt to climate changed future. This is a volunteer based social enterprise that thrives on community involvement.

This program has been extremely successful in Toronto, Guelph and other parts, and is now expanding to Richmond Hill.

The trees are available to residents and community organizations who have a place to plant them, and there are pear, apple, cherry, persimmons, paw paw trees all for less than $50, as well as strawberry, gojiberry, and other shrubs available. Ordering is done online at and the deadline is April 6th. Delivery is for May 1st.

There is an opportunity for community groups to receive left over trees from the proceeds of residents’ purchases. Click here for the form for the Edible Garden Community Grant. Treemobile gives back to the community but only asks that a form be filled out to indicate where the tree will be planted as well as some commitment for the future care of the tree.

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